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There has been a great neglect of boy child in South Africa as their welfare is ignored by many. Many people and organizations have come in to promote the welfare of girl child; leaving the boy child behind. This has therefore left many South Africans ignorant on the rights, wellbeing, welfare and social justice of the boy child. Therefore the programme is committed to promote the Education, Empowerment, Rehabilitation, Welfare and Social Justice of every boy child.

This service aims to:

-To enhance boy child protection, promote a culture of their rights and enlighten their rights and welfare.

-To rehabilitate male children who have been in streets, criminal activities, outlawed sects, violence and drug/ substance abuse.


Woman and girl children are most precious and valuable people in our lives. They need to be recognized, they need to be empowered, they need to be cared for, they need to be given opportunities, they need to be given a chance and be supported at all times because of their roles that they play in our lives

Each year many girls are abused, deprived their rights, become pregnant at early ages, become victims of human trafficking and even married before they even turn 18. That’s one in 3 girls in the developing world who lose their opportunities to play, to go to school, to dream about what their futures might hold for them.

Their options narrow, their life paths are set for them as child brides, child mothers, domestic servants. We are dedicated to provide programmes that will provide access to critical resources, such as information, skills and social support.

The acquisition and adoption of these resources then serve as the catalyst for independent pathways for girl children.

This service aims to:

-To protect and safeguard the rights and wellbeing of girl children and prevent the abuse of girl children including gender based and domestic violence in particular rape, child marriage, trafficking and related reproductive health issues.

-Maintain independence on girl children and develop girl’s physical, mental and financial capacities with particular emphasis on poverty alleviation by supporting and strengthening their skills and by ensuring that women’s voice, concerns and issues are represented wherever it is most appropriate