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For most people, children are vulnerable beings and they awake a desire to care and protect. It becomes so sad when children are ill treated or neglected and that is why we all have the responsibility to stand up for the rights of children. The world is filled with young people and children who find themselves in circumstances where they are vulnerable, unhappy, not cared for or exposed to different forms of risks( to become involved in prostitution, criminal activities or victims of abuse and exploitation.

This service aims to:

This service is focusing on care, support, protection and holistic development of children. It also assist young people in their development where they can be able to improve their behavior, skills, qualities, strengths, opportunities, consider their aims in life and set goals in order to realize and maximize their potential. The aim is also to eliminate and prevent destructive, deviant and anti-social behavior in child and youth such as (gang activity, criminal activities, etc) and encourage development of social acceptable behavior, personal standards and values of living. In this service we also designed a specific programme that will focus on the development of children for them to have a sense of mastery and Independence for them to acquire skills and knowledge at a young age. The programme also seeks to ensure that the well-being and dignity of every child is respected, their rights are being upheld and their potential is recognized. This Programme is called “THE DIGNIFIED CHILD”.